Very Revd Fr Callistus Isara, MSP Superior General
Very Rev Fr Innocent Abonyi, MSP Regional Superior (UK REGION)


The MSP UK Region, also known as known as the Missionary Society of St. Paul of Nigeria UK, is a Roman Catholic Society of Apostolic Life founded by Dominic Cardinal Ekandem of blessed memory. The aim of the late Cardinal was to found an indigenous group whose orientation is missionary in nature. Drawn from the diverse ethnic backgrounds, members strive to live out their calling identify themselves in MSP family that presents a true family, where bonds of brotherhood, respect and mutual trust are experienced. Love and reconciliation form the basis of this family, and the source of energy and strength to carry out our ministry.

In docility to the Holy Spirit, in imitation of the unique example of St. Paul our Patron, and following our constitutions, we go without delay to any place where our Superior General or his representative sends us, We witness wherever the Church needs us. We are aware that our age appear to be fast losing its moral its moral bearings and following the instruction of Pope Francis, our task is to wake up the world; a world full of hatred, violence, ethnic and racial divisions, insecurity, economic imbalances, terrorism and environmental degradation.

Our mission is to create and sustain in people of different cultures, ethnic and racial backgrounds, a sense of unity and oneness that is Christ centered or apostolic in character and functionally embracing in all. We strive to serve the needs of the poorest of the poor and the marginalized of the society. We also witness to the rich and comfortable, bringing Christ to all we meet or encounter and as St. Francis advises, "sometimes without words." We proclaim Christ the hope of all humanity.

Our vision is to faithfully carry out our missionary mandate through a broad spectrum of parish-based apostolate, schools, and chaplaincies. We strive to offer hope to the youth, succour to the refugees, migrants; and people from the ethnic minority and several other apostolate and ministries.
Membership of our society include priests and the laity. The latter is known as associate missionaries of St. Paul (AMSP). Please do get in touch and get involved.

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